How to Check for Quality Granite

Check for Quality Granite in Pittsburgh, PA

You have settled on granite as your countertop of choice, but you want to be sure you get the best slab available. Checking for quality granite in Pittsburgh may be intimidating, but first-time buyers can make an informed decision with a few simple assessments.


Perform a thorough visual inspection and look for any blemishes like cracks or chips and the uniformity of the surface. Make sure the edges are straight, and if you’re not comfortable eyeballing it, use a straight edge.


Never accept a slab that doesn’t match your specifications. It will only lead to heartache and headaches during installation.


Check the thickness and the underside. Most entry-level slabs are thin with wood backing. There is not much difference in middle- to high-grade, but higher-quality granite can come with thicker options.


Rub a coin on the polished surface to see if it leaves a mark. If it does, the sealant is thin or low quality, and you should keep looking.


Granite is subject to different chemicals, especially acid-based products like lemons. Stay away from slabs that absorb lemon juice or leave a white stain. You can also test the slab with a piece of cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol or kerosene to see if the pigment comes away.

Quality granite countertops are not hard to find when you choose a trusted supplier. They can assure you of quality, commitment, and customer service, so you will never be disappointed with your new installation.