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Why Bakers Prefer Marble Countertops

Baking Cookies on Marble Countertops

If you’re someone who loves to reap the rewards of an afternoon spent with your fingers deep in flour and exercising your forearms while kneading dough, your dream kitchen likely includes a marble countertop. There’s no denying the esthetic appeal of a smooth surface of cool marble, but as a baker, you know that there’s more to the material than meets the eye.

A Classic Choice

Your marble countertops in Butler, PA, make a stunning statement that accents your kitchen and gives the room an elegant feel. However, the true value of this time-tested material is why bakers choose it as an all-time favorite among all counter types. Marble remains cool to the touch no matter the temperature in the room.

The Secret Ingredient

Part of the appeal of many baked goods is the light, fluffy texture. That delightful airiness only happens if the butter inside the dough stays cool enough to hold its form before entering the oven. Once the heat hits the butter, it bursts into glorious flavor and puffs up the dough. Without the cooling effect of marble counters, your baker’s dozen could fall flat.

Some bakers choose marble cutting boards as their preferred work area. However, there’s nothing quite like a kitchen that boasts a full complement of this marvelous material.