The Heat Resistance of Soapstone Countertops in Pittsburgh

Your kitchen is likely a high traffic zone in your home—seeing plenty of action daily. That means it is crucial to make sure that your counters are strong and durable as well as attractive. One of the most impressive choices on the market today is soapstone countertops in Pittsburgh. And one of the biggest reasons people are choosing soapstone is due to its resistance to heat damage.

Softer than other natural stone countertops, soapstone counters are chemically inert. That means not only will acidic substances not damage them, but they are also highly heat resistant. Even better, soapstone is able to absorb, retain, and re-radiate heat. This makes it an excellent choice for homes in colder climates like those here in the Keystone State.

Soapstone is a very low-maintenance material that will age with grace—usually darkening through the years. Many homeowners like to oil their counters with mineral oil to even out and speed up this natural darkening process. Because this is a softer material, it is easier to scratch and chip, but this damage can easily be buffed out or filled in—even with little personal experience. If your primary concern is heat resistance rather than hardness, soapstone is the right choice for your home.