granite countertops in a modern kitchen

What is Granite?

You probably know that granite is a type of stone and that it’s often used for luxurious countertops in some of the world’s most beautiful homes, businesses, and other buildings. Before you shop for quality granite in Pittsburgh, however, there’s more to understand about this top-notch material. With the right information, you can make a smart choice for your interior design or remodeling project.

Granite is one of the most durable stone surfaces on the market. While similar options like quartz and soapstone also stay strong over time, granite is the premier choice when you want the best in strength. Virtually immune to household heat and highly resistant to scratching and other damage, it’s a lasting investment that exudes refinement, elevates the surrounding room’s aesthetic, and attracts the eye.

That attraction likely comes from its unique patterns. Every granite countertop is natural rock, which means that the design on its surface won’t be found anywhere else in the world. This can make shopping a little slower since you might have to check back at even a leading supplier to find exactly what you desire. Even so, it’s worth the wait for the stunning beauty and natural authenticity of timeless stone surfaces.