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How to Maintain Marble Countertops

If you own marble countertops in Butler, PA, you’ve already made an excellent investment in your property’s value and beauty. It only takes attentive care and a little knowledge to keep those surfaces shining like new. Make your counters last by following these simple guidelines for marble maintenance:

Preventative Protection — The best way to deal with damage, discoloration, and other issues is to avoid them altogether. Taking care not to leave messes longer than a minute or two and watching out for things like tossed keys or heavy appliances can go a long way toward protecting marble from danger.

Product Selection — Like any stone surface, marble reacts best to specialized cleaning chemicals and care products. When you shop for wipes, sprays, and other items, check to see that they’re safe for your countertops. If possible, get advice from the experts by checking with your seller for the products they recommend.

Seal Upkeep — Stone counters usually come sealed when you buy them, but years of even gentle use can wear the protective layer down. Resealing your marble when this happens can prevent etching and other issues, as well as preserve the pristine look you love as time goes on.