“Hazel Eyes” soapstone slab

Using Soapstone for Your Kitchen Countertops

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, there is one dark horse option that more and more homeowners are starting to consider—soapstone countertops in Pittsburgh, PA. This unique, beautiful, and widely misunderstood natural stone delivers a wide variety of benefits to homeowners looking to do something uniquely different with their space.

Known for its warm appearance and soft touch, soapstone stands in sharp contrast to the hard, cold granite and marble options that have dominated kitchens for the last several decades. The differences between these types of countertops do not stop there either; soapstone brings a wide selection of amazing benefits to your kitchen space, including the following:

  • Nearly Impervious to Staining
  • Scratches & Dents Can Be Sanded Out
  • Antique Look That Ages Gracefully
  • No Sealing Required
  • Immune to Burns & Scorches

The bottom line is, when you want some old-time charm for your countertop, soapstone is a perfect choice. Kitchens with this material in them deliver a classic style that is easier to care for and more charming than many of its contemporary engineered stone and natural stone counterparts. With just some periodic mineral oil, you will be able to create and care for a stunning surface that will continue to evolve and distinguish itself as a centerpiece for your kitchen.

Purchase soapstone countertops in Pittsburgh, PA, from our company. Turn to us when you are looking for new countertops for your kitchen.