The Durability of Quartz Countertops

Easy-To-Clean Quartz Countertops in Pittsburgh, PA

Quartz countertops in Pittsburgh, PA, are quite the popular option for many homeowners. This is because this is a material that doesn’t just deliver the looks people desire, but also the durability.

An impressive 90% of any quartz countertop is made from quartz crystals. Quartz is one of the hardest minerals on the planet. The other 10% is comprised of pigments and binders to give homeowners the beautiful, hardy, and nonporous surface they want. This perfect combination of form and function delivers the best of the natural material while making it even better suited for the wear and tear seen in most kitchens or bathrooms.

The durability of quartz is what makes it stand out when compared to marble or granite. Thanks to its unique engineering, quartz is better situated to handle the splashes, abrasive forces, and impacts that your surfaces might experience in a kitchen or bathroom setting. That means your surfaces are less likely to require ongoing maintenance and special considerations.

Quartz countertops are likely to be the best option for you when you want a beautiful surface that doesn’t need coddling. Finally, you can have that natural stone look you desire without having to worry about premature discoloring, cracking, or scratches.