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Soapstone slab

3 Advantages of Soapstone in the Kitchen & Bathroom

Soapstone is a beautiful material known for its smooth feel and incredible durability. Soapstone is widely used in kitchen and bathrooms, and the demand is growing higher and higher. If you are interested in installing soapstone countertops in Pittsburgh, below are three advantages you will experience.

  1. It Does Not Stain

Soapstone is non-porous, which means it is impenetrable by liquids. This means it cannot absorb anything that spills, whether it is coffee, wine, or curry sauce. By choosing this material, you will experience beautiful countertops for much longer than other popular stone choices.

  1. It is Easy to Maintain

No material is 100% scratch resistant, so ease of maintenance is important. While some soapstone can be harder and more resistant to scratches, dings, and aging, all soapstone can easily be sanded for repairs. This allows any homeowner to do some light maintenance and help their soapstone countertops age gracefully.

  1. It is Heat Safe

Soapstone is heat-resistant and will not be damaged when you forget to place a hot-pad before putting down your pan. The material slowly and evenly radiates the heat, preventing scars and heat stains from occurring. Because of these thermal properties, soapstone is often used for pizza stones, oven floors, and cookware.