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Stone Remnants and Remodeling: Tips for Your Next Project

Stone remnants in Pittsburgh, PA, can be a great way to add style, elegance, and sophistication to your favorite spaces–while also saving on your total project costs. Although stone remnants may not be ideal for creating new countertops, you can utilize these materials in creative ways to great effect.

But first things first: where do stone remnants come from? Remnants are actually pieces of granite, quartz, or other stone surface material that have been cut for other projects. After a fabricator or remodeler cuts the original stone into a client’s desired countertop shape or wall tiles, it cannot be used for much anything else. Stone has different grains and colors, and they are difficult to match to craft entirely new countertops. Some contractors may sell these remnants at drastically reduced prices, allowing customers to give them new uses.

Stone remnants can meet a variety of needs for the customer who wants to use recycled products. Large remnants, for instance, can be used as countertops for kitchen islands–or for smaller areas where variance in the stone will mostly go unnoticed. They can also be repurposed to create bathroom vanities, coffee tables, or as decorative insets for a mosaic.

When working with stone remnants, the possibilities are virtually limitless. If you are interested in using these specimens for your next project, reach out to your local countertop or remodeling contractor to learn if they have anything to offer.