Kitchen in a new luxury home with granite countertops

How to Care for Natural Granite

You have great looking granite countertops in Wexford, PA, but how are you going to keep them looking that way with regular use? That is a question that many homeowners find themselves asking, and the answer is a lot easier than it might initially seem. A daily rinse with hot water and a dishrag or sponge is all you need to quickly clean spills and wipe away crumbs, which helps your granite countertop continue to look great day after day.

Some of the additional ways to keep your countertop looking fresh are to give your surface a complete clean every week and, once a month, polish the granite with a topical conditioning stone polish. Every year you should test your granite to see if it needs to be re-sealed and, if it does, make sure you get the work done to protect your granite further.

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions that come with granite countertop care. In truth, however, it is not a challenge as long as you keep this simple list of “do’s” and “don’ts” in mind.

The Do’s of Caring for Your Granite Countertops

Blot Up Spills Immediately – Wine, coffee, juice, and other acidic substances can stain your surface if they are not wiped up quickly.

Clean Surfaces Using a Sponge or Soft Cloth – Using a specialized natural stone cleaner, gently wipe away spills using one of these options. This helps to preserve your countertop’s shine.

Use Coasters on Your Surface – Granite is not going to etch like marble will, but it is still a good practice to reduce the potential risk of staining by using coasters under all of your cans, bottles, and glasses.

Use Trivets & Hot Pads – While it is possible to take a hot pot off the stove and put it directly on a granite countertop without any problems, there is a risk of “thermal shock” which can end up cracking your counter. Simply using trivets and hot pads eliminates this risk.

Use a Cutting Board – Do not risk scratching your surface. Cutting directly on your granite’s surface not only puts your countertop at risk but also will also quickly dull and damage your knives’ edges.

The Don’ts of Caring for Your Granite Countertops

Don’t Use Generic Cleaning Products – Bleach, glass cleaners, and other common household cleaners and degreasers contain acids, alkalis, and other chemicals that degrade the sealer of your granite.

Do not Use Vinegar, Ammonia, Lemon, or Orange Cleaners – You might think it is a good idea to use one of these natural cleaners for your countertop, but that simply is not the case. These cleaners can damage your sealer and remove the shine from your counters.

Do Not Sit or Stand on Your Countertops – Granite is a very hard surface, which might make it seem like it is safe enough to hold your body weight. What you need to keep in mind, however, is that granite is not flexible. That means too much weight on one spot can cause cracking.

Don’t Store Liquids or Toiletries on Your Countertop – Leaving these sorts of items on your countertop for too long can end up staining your granite. Instead, consider storing these items on a decorative tray or shelf.