natural stone countertops

Choosing Natural Stone for Your Bathroom Counters

Some popular countertop materials are made from genuine stone, a material that naturally occurs in the earth. Large chunks of natural stone are trimmed into smooth slabs that can then be customized in designs for countertops in Pittsburgh, PA. There are many kinds of natural stone surfaces on the market, but which is the best natural stone for your bathroom countertops?


Marble has been used as a surface material for centuries. While it is an incredibly beautiful stone, it is also soft and porous, so it soaks up water and pathogens. As this would be unhygienic, marble is sealed with a protective coat that also enhances the stone’s color.


Quartzite is a lesser-known natural stone option. It has a beautiful, almost slightly translucent quality and offers a beautiful look to bathroom countertops. Not to be confused with quartz, an engineered stone, quartzite is totally natural. Its strong and long-lasting and can handle the rigors of everyday use.


Granite countertops have become very popular and have almost become an expectation. While marble has long streaks and veins, granite typically has a speckled appearance. Its very tough and lasts for a very long time. While granite does need to be resealed, it is still a very durable option for your home.