Choosing a Backsplash to Match Your Countertops in Pittsburgh, PA

Kitchen with a New Backsplash and Countertops in Pittsburgh, PA

Your backsplash protects your walls from grease, water, and food splashing and staining them, which extends the life and look of your kitchen. Far from being purely practical, backsplashes are often a stunning focal point that adds personality and flair to the space. Choosing an appropriate backsplash for your Pittsburgh, PA, countertops can be an exciting project that allows you to showcase your taste and style.

Keep some tips in mind as you explore your options, and you’ll narrow down your selection to the perfect addition to your kitchen.

Budgetary Considerations

There’s so much choice in backsplash options that you’re sure to find one you love within your budget. Trendy colors and materials will cost more than standard white subway tiles but are worth the extra money if it’s something you love.

Think About Longevity

Bring home a few test tiles of your top choices to see whether they complement your countertop and how they catch the light during different times of the day. You’ll be looking at the backsplash for several years, so settle on something you can live with for a long time.

Thoughtful design elements can turn a room you like into a room you love, so take the time to consider your options, and you won’t regret the upgrade.