We offer a variety of stone options..
Granite is a very durable stone and out of the three kinds of stones you see about it is the hardest. Granite is a natural stone mined out of large quarries and shipped in from around the world. It comes in a wide range of colors and each slab is different than the last. Granite has a lot of positive qualities such as being heat resistant and with the sealer we use it is guaranteed sealed for 8-10 years. Also something to consider is that granite is also very easy to clean with just soap and water. If you’re looking for a unique countertop that will last decades Granite is the choice for you.
Marble is going to be some of the most beautiful stone you see. Each piece has a distinct and defined beauty to it with veining that is the staple of what makes marble, marble. You see marbles used a lot in Bathrooms and even sometimes as wall decorations. Marbles are not common in kitchens as they are a softer stone than granite and more porous. In such a heavily used area as a kitchen, marble just doesn’t hold up as well as other products. Marble is a beautiful stone that can add a lot to any area of a house but with that beauty it has a couple downsides that everyone should be aware of.
Soapstone is a unique product that is different from both granite and marble. Soapstone has a warm aged look to it even when it’s first installed, it’s a product that will show some age and ware. Being a stone that does age and have character to it is the charm of soapstone, it will not be polished and bright as granite would be. If you are someone who wants to have something that looks like it has been in your home for years then soapstone is the product for you.